Re: Retrieving & Recreating Stored Memories

Chris Hind (
Mon, 21 Oct 1996 12:51:12 -0700

>That would give an estimate of around 10-100 gigabits for one
>minute storage. However, I am sure this can be decreased quite a bit, both
>because there are inherent correlations that can be compressed, and
>because other estimates give lower values (they are in the megabit range,
>and have support in the literature). Of this information, most would be
>touch and vision, with smaller amounts of auditory information and a
>trickle of taste, smell and other senses.

MPEG Sensory Compression?!?!

>Hard. Episodic memory doesn't seem to be stored in any nice, sequential
>manner in any particular region of the brain (although some regions are
>of course more important than others); it is likely that our memories are
>distriobuted over large parts of our neural nets, mixed with each other.
>Besides, we do not remember sensory information. What we remember is
>rather our reactions to them, our elaborations, associations and actions,
>not exactly what happens. Memory is actually very unreliable, and
>continually recreated.

What about under hypnosis? People can recall events much more clearly.