Re: Upload rehearsal?

Chris Hind (
Sun, 20 Oct 1996 23:50:47 -0700

> Is anyone familiar with experimentation attempting to combine sensory
>deprivation with other techniques (???) in order to give a feeling for what
>the upload experience might be like? Would seem to be reasonable, so I
>assume something like this has been tried. Perhaps such a setup might help
>overcome some common fears and misconceptions about uploading.

Sensory deprivation?!?! I think a incremental upload would feel like a box
implanted in my back w/a plug for a network connection and tendrils of an
uploading organism slowly work through my brain replacing neurons with
itself and rebuilding the neuron structure in a virtual world with all
connections same as before all during a period of a few months and i
wouldn't feel any different until my entire brain was uploaded and i made
the decision to flip off old sensory equipment and stick inside the virtual
world perminently although i could still control my old body remotely or by
uploading myself to the surgically implanted box in my back. The neuron
connections in the virtual world would need to be slowed down for the
brain's timing but can accelerate to any desired rate once completely
uploaded. I believe that a gradual incremental upload will be required so
you can 'grow' into the computer rather than merely having the original
person die and a duplicate reproduced inside the virtual world as would be
with a quickie nano upload. The brain is not a static object and thus cannot
be uploaded as if it were.