I Play the Game

David Musick (David_Musick@msn.com)
Mon, 21 Oct 96 04:56:12 UT

I Play the Game

I love to play.

I am learning to play
with more and more
of my world.

I play around
with whatever resources I have,
seeing what I can do with what I've got.

My play is my creativity and my intellect
working together,
learning how to more accurately
create what I want for myself

My mind grows
and I become more intelligent as I play.

I play with the world
and learn how things work
and learn what I'm capable of.

My current playing trains my mind
for more challenging levels of play.

My talents keep blossoming
as I create and engage in new,
more challanging games.

My games train my mind,
and I become a more powerful player of games.

My life is my game,
and I am working on
being a master player of my life,
to be skillful in fulfilling my desires.

That is the object of the game, for me;
to fulfill my desires more and more effectively,
to keep improving myself
and becoming more skillful in creating
the situations and experiences that I want.

Reality is my playground
and my workshop.

I develop the skills and tools required
to create and alter my reality
to be the way I wish it to be,
to express my deepest values
through the reality I create for myself.

It requires much curiosity
and playfulness
for me to develop an understanding
of how reality works
and how to alter my current reality
to be more as I desire my reality to be.

I am a Reality Hacker.
I learn how my reality works,
and I become it's master.

I am my reality.

As I master my reality,
I master my self.
I learn to be what I want to be,
to create my self, according to my ideals.

I'm learning to understand my self
and alter my self
to be more like I desire my self to be.

I play the game.

Do you?

- David Musick