Re: The University of Capitalism
Sun, 20 Oct 1996 19:17:56 -0400

"Sweat-shop 101" is one of the introductory courses in the University of
Capitalism. The students start out as starving, miserable people, and they
learn the basics of hard work, with the resulting benefit of being able to

OK. I agree. In theory. In practise, it works out differently

Consider the recent scenario of Vietnamese women,
imported with the promise of their first lesson in
Capitalism 101, shipped in by outlaws, imprisoned in
the "sweat shops", held at gunpoint and forced to work
subhuman conditions (BTW, before you all get
your feathers in a ruffle, this was orchestrated
by their own countrymen- not "white male
imperialists"). Under our present government, this
is not legal and it was a scandalous massive
arrest (I do not know what became of the imprisoned
women). Obviously I think this is slavery
and should not be allowed. It is use of force , but it is certainly
How does one draw the line in an Anar/Capitalist
world? If not government intervention, then what
should be done about it?
Who advocates for a victim like that, if they cannot
advocate for themselves, if anyone? Or is it NoneofYour Busines/Laissez