Re: Private Property and Capitalism
Fri, 18 Oct 1996 15:28:58 -0400

James Daugherty (snip of an excellent post on the economic effect of removing
government intervention and the resulting balancing that could occur).

>Mankind's past is a bloody mess.

I had to smile ... I hope I didn't offend anyone, It is not my intent to
insult the other 7/8ths of my ancestry here, I believe no one has racial
immunity from meme defiency (ie stupid and unethical practices), I understand
that white males are *not* the problem, and hope that you do not generalize
me as just another "white male basher."

I used the religious rationalization of genocide or coercion on Indians to
make the point that simple economics and simple poilitics will not completely
(if at all) address the problem.

>>The land in Europe was repeatedly stolen time after time though usually
the people were of the same race and religion. In the longer view, alien
races and ethnicities repeatedly swept accross Europe looting, pillaging, and
appropriating the land.

True, and removing government wouldn't address this, though it would
certainly cut down on existing *instituionalized* political looting.
Balancing the budget is good. I agree with the basics of libertarian
objectivist philosophy or I wouldn't be here... but if nothing internal
changes ethically or in "man"kind's belief system what would prevent it
happening again and again?
Remember I spoke about a data base of meme defiency.

>I dare say Native Americans stole land from each other as well.

Yes, I stated this. I wrote (snip):
" ...or illmotivated tribes take land by force, then keep it by force, it
starts a Might is Right chain."

>>While I do not want in the slightest to minimize the theft of land by
Europeans which occured all over the globe during the Imperialist era,
historical wrongs cannot be "brought to book" on collective racial or ethic

I am specifically talking about *individual* ethics, not collective.
I agree Might is Right is cross cultural and cross religious. It exists in
inner cities and in Beverly Hills, and it will probably expand to outerspace
if "inner space" doesn't change. Eptistomological (belief) systems that are
in place today do not seem to encourage self ownership or individuality or
rational thinking.
I *strongly* disagree about ethics not playing a part.
Members of my ancestor's tribe (the Chehalis/Chinook) took slaves. They
were a very peaceful tribe, with little need for anything, being the area's
most prosperous fishing tribe. This wasn't a result of economics. It was
lack of ethics. Slavery was not ethical. It was *wrong*. However,
economically it must have seemed like a good opportunity to some. : -)
Overnight Libertarian political freedom looks like the ultimate test of what
would happen if economic *and* individual ethics (optimal embracing of self
ownership worldwide, for example) is not brought to bear..
My question is how, without the blatantly unlibertarian tactics of coercion
or indoctrination (used by typical takeover governments and communist
regimes) would this occur?