Re: the Turing test

Ira Brodsky (
Thu, 17 Oct 1996 11:05:51 -0600

Chris Hind wrote:

>Hello, my name is Eliza :)
>no just kidding. I talked to Ira Brodsky and i can verify that I am a real
>person but wouldn't it be cool if there was a real AI on the mailinglist?

Sorry Chris, but I detected a distinctly synthetic quality to your voice.
I also noted at one point you asked me to repeat what I said -- indicative
of a speech recognition error. However, I was impressed that you appeared
to "understand" most of what I said without my pausing between each word as
required by PC-based speech recognition systems.

You must be running on a supercomputer.

No, just kidding. I can verify that Chris Hind is very much human and way
above anything yet achieved by AI.

Although I would like to believe there is an AI successfully participating
on this list, I have finally come to my senses. It's a hoax.

(Still, I'm a little insulted no one thought *I* was the AI.)

Ira Brodsky
Datacomm Research Company
Wilmette, Illinois