Re: The Turing Test

Ira Brodsky (
Tue, 15 Oct 1996 08:56:51 -0600

John Clark wrote:

>We thought that our security was so good that it would never be needed but
>now that the suspicion has been raised that at least one list member is not
>human, the experiment is no longer valid and a subroutine never used before
>has been activated that radically changes my programming. I am required to
>tell you the truth. I am a machine, the real John K Clark is a bum we found
>panhandling in front of the Carnegie Mellon building, he agreed to let the
>programmers use his name in exchange for a bottle of cheap wine. They sobered
>him up, bought him some new cloths and once or twice introduced him to a few
>people, but were careful not to let him say anything stupid, they usually
>said he had laryngitis. I am also required to tell you that I am not unique,
>there is another.

Then answer this question: what is "Skibo"?

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