Re: List trouble

David McFadzean (
Wed, 16 Oct 1996 14:56:43 -0600

At 08:53 AM 16/10/96 -0700, John K Clark wrote:
>If you're wondering why things have been so quiet the last few days it's
>because posts are bouncing, at least mine have been. If you're having
>posting to the list using try
>neither works all the time, but sometimes one works and not the other. If you
>send it to both it might end up on the list twice, but at least it gets
>posted, sometimes. The Extropians is a great list but it has had a lot of
>technical problems from day one.

Unfortunately I have absolutely no way of debugging the list because it
works just fine from my point of view (on the same LAN). If anyone has the
ability to give me a telnet account on a remote machine it would be most

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