Re: Nanotechnology

Anders Sandberg (
Fri, 11 Oct 1996 12:55:38 +0200 (MET DST)

On Thu, 10 Oct 1996, Suresh Naidu wrote:

> Actually, this is where genetic technology can far outstrip nanotech, at
> least sooner. The programming is already there. Programming a horde of
> nanobots to regrow an arm is a non-trivial task. It is far easier to use
> genetic and bio technology to do these things.

Would it? Well, biotechnology obviously can do it, we just have to
replicate how things occur in nature, but it is *not* trivial.
Biotechnology works very well when we follow the old programs, but making
new or specific things is hard.

> But wait..New thought just hit. You can use fractal and self-replicating
> mathematics and the like to program nanobots, could you not. Would that
> increase the efficiency substantially? Or has this already been discussed.

I think nanotechnology will from the beginning be dominated by complex
systems theory. We have to make hordes of nanites work together, form
computational ecologies and interact in useful ways; many of the simplest
possible objects to make with nanotech will be quite fractal. In fact, I
think it will be hard at first not to make fractal objects.

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