Re: What is Intelligence?

Michael Butler (
Thu, 10 Oct 1996 12:08:16 PST

Anders Said:
what I need is a
quick overview of what frobnology is about). Maybe we need a special
knowledge search engine that just looks at pages certified to contain
useful information, not just advertisments or spam.

I Say:
Filtering rears its head again. I wish I could institute a site,
cached in multiple places, that would serve as the micropaedia front
door for a bunch of topics. Proxy servers can filter some stuff like
banner ads out. But there's just too much stuff. I guess that's why
agents seem attractive. I'd guess that auto agents plus humans is how
Hotbot (or a better one) could be/is done--and it's still too often a
haystack of irrelevancy.

I *wish* for a Cliff's Notes (tm) on Everything. But _how_? :\ :)

MMB at but not for OCVC