Re: Hedonism
Wed, 9 Oct 1996 19:59:00 -0400

In a message dated 96-10-09 11:25:24 EDT, Damien Broderick writes:

> >A less cryptic statement of this idea is that a rigorous rational morality
> >can be derived from the very nature of an entity that is capable of
> >"knowing", without the need for reference to any source of value outside
> the
> >knower and community of knowers
> Ah! You've just re-invented Kant - so we're up to the 18th century in a
> single bound! :)

Yep. I believe that when I've discussed this idea previously in the distant
past on the ExList, I did attribute the essential outlines of the idea to
Kant. In my haste this morning, I failed to do so. Frankly, I think that a
review of Kant's epistimologically-based ethics in light of current thinking
in cognitive science might be fruitful.

As for the 18th century in general, I think we could do a lot worse, as
exponents of a "Second Enlightenment", than to revisit some of the good ideas
from that time from whence come the roots of liberal modernism.

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