Re: The Poor Masses
Wed, 9 Oct 1996 13:52:26 -0400

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<< Business assumes that the workers aren`t competent to run a business by
themselves. I`m a big advocate of co-ops. >>

What Co-Ops are as successful as the Fortune 500 (or is it Fortune 100?)
Co-Op Wisconsin Dairies? Do you think they are run by "workers"? They have
professionally trained managers. They may be former farmers, but they all
have degrees now.

My point is some "workers" ARE competent, some are not. The same for
managers. But managers have more education. A negotiation point for them.

BTW Do you think management doesn't "work" too? They sometimes don't even
get more money because they are on salary and get no overtime. Yet, they
work overtime too. The manager salary range is lower than a "poor worker"
with overtime. For the truck divers the sky's the limit with overtime. Why?
Negotiation not unions. They have something to sell and salary negotiation
is affected in their favor.

If businesses are so greedy why aren't they paying ALL of us minimum wage?
Negotiation. If you have nothing worth buying, you have a negotiation