If it's not AI, Nano, or Uploading Extropians Ignore it.

Chris Hind (chind@juno.com)
Sun, 06 Oct 1996 11:40:40 -0700

Are we here to promote the spread of the memes or just sit on our asses
discussing it? I see many extropians wanting to keep the list isolated. Sure
it's completely normal for the signal to noise ratio to change with the
incoming newbies! Maybe I'm missing something here? We *DO* want these
technologies to be our future as fast as possible or do we wish them to be
merely idle fantasies of our minds? Also we *MUST* vary our topics! We keep
discussing AI, Nano, and uploading constantly! I'm actually beginning to
believe the ravings of Mark Plus that extropians keep discussing the same
topics without making any such progress. I would *VERY MUCH* like to see
what is being worked on in a hands-on manner. There *MUST* be other topics
other than the onces discussed frequently. For example telepresence, global
climate control, new space tech such as the roton and methods for FTL
travel. There are literally *HUNDREDS* of topics on Anders page and we
concentrate on 5-10% of them? Sure the big three extropian topics are the
most important but we *NEED* variety. One of the best methods for new
inspiration is to focus on another topic and work on that and then return to
the first topic with a entirely new burst of inspiration. By focusing on the
same topic, we make little bouts of progress and rather stagnate in our own
idea pool.