Re: What is Intelligence?

Robin Hanson (
Mon, 30 Sep 96 20:26:39 PDT

Dan Clemmensen writes:
>> Sure computers are new, and will have new kinds of impacts. And at one
>> time cars were new, trains were new, radio was new, etc. But the
>> question here is, do they fundamentally change the nature of economic
>> growth any more than these did? You have stated your belief in this,
>> but have not offered any reasons.
>Cars, Trains, and radio are not intelligence-augmemnting technologies
>in the same sense that computers are likely to be. This is the crux
>of my argument.

My point is, what is it about intelligence-augmenting, as opposed to
communication-augmenting, transporation-augmenting,
lifespan-augmenting, or any other X-augmenting new techology, that
leads you to expect some special different effect on economic growth?

Robin D. Hanson