Re: Mailing List Quality (Was: Certainty, Experiments & Facts)

Robin Hanson (
Mon, 30 Sep 96 09:51:43 PDT

"Kathryn Aegis" writes:
>May I drop a process question here? Generally, when a process for
>discussion is designed, the designer makes some provision for the
>contribution of "minority" views. (Recent debates regarding the
>social sciences and art have illustrated the mechanisms of this list.)
>How might you prevent the closed list from degenerating into intellectual

Other than a good choice of initial list members, I don't see any easy
answers. Everyone has a legitimate claim to representing some
minority view or another. I'd pin my hopes on the fact that a sister
open list exists which a large fraction of the closed list people read.
I'm open to suggestions though.

Robin D. Hanson