Re: Darwinian extropy
Fri, 27 Sep 96 16:45:18 GMT

Lyle wrote:
>What exactly is the difference between a corporation and an

I suppose that there could be SIs that were not
corporations, at least if you take "corporation" in a narrow
sense as implying an economic nature of the group. I think
the term "SI", i.e. Synthetic Intelligence, was introduced
as an alternatilve to "AI" in order not to prejudice the
question whether the intelligence would be based on the
principles of classical AI. In the present discussion I
think what we have meant by "SI" has been: an entity very
much more intelligent than humans or existing groups of
humans (which should be ">SI" or ">AI", unless we take "SI"
to stand for Super Intelligence, which would be convenient.)

Nicholas Bostrom