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On Thu, 26 Sep 1996, Hara Ra wrote:

> wrote:
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> > I noticed that subject discipline on the list has gotten kind
> > of lax, with lots of political frustrations coming out. My bit
> > in response to the "productive people each supporting
> > millions of destitute loafers in the future": Why would we
Okay I don`t really see this. Are you referring to the welfare state? If
so, I disagree vehemently. Very few people are "loafers". There are some,
but most people I know on welfare are doing everything in their power to get
out. Those few that do leech off the system shouldn`t be the reason for
letting those that need it starve.
I hate and fear government as much as anyone, but I also fear corporate
tyranny, and as long as private interests are this selfish and greedy, I
will pay my taxes to help out my fellow man.

> > want to do that? Point being, they'd just
keep breeding > > without foresight until they surpassed all the carrying
> > capacity of the planet.
No they wouldn`t, because the disparity in economics would eventually
become so magnified these disenfranchised people would either die off,
or get Marxist. If the power imbalance is enough, the "productive
people", will have sufficient firepower to suppress any rallying effort
by the masses.
> Back to basics, folks. Every country which has a good standard of
> living, where survival in one's old age is not dependent on the
> number of one's offspring, has had a slowing of population growth.
> In the USA, we would see a population decrease if there were no
> immigration.
We would we a population increase rate decrease, but the actual
population will still increase.
If the Extropian vision is a positive one, the goal will
> be increased quality of life for one's children, which will always
> be costly, and increasingly so.
I hope this is available to everyone, though. I think a rwandan farmer
should have the same opportunity to become a nanogod as the CEO of some
big company. I realize I`ve probably contradicted many extropian
political opinions, but I do embrace the hope for technological
advancement helping out all of humanity instead of just the rich.

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