RE: Wet Uploading Organism

Chris Hind (
Thu, 26 Sep 1996 23:19:22 -0700

>>I was considering this thought. The best way to be uploaded is to
>>genetically engineer an organism that would grow into your brain and destroy
>>a neuron and map the equivelant connections in a virtual world. This
>>organism would serve as an interface between brain and machine. After
>>destroying the neuron, the organism would fill the gap with itself and have
>>all connections from other neurons be redirected through the interface to
>>the virtual brain map inside a virtual world inside a computer. Long term
>>memory would be deleted and recreated and redirected to the computer first
>>which would make things slightly longer to retrieve while the organism
>>slowly grew into and took over your brain.
>Why is this a 'genetically engineered organism', and not a swarm of nanobots?
Because we are closer to genetic engineering than we are nanotechnology so
we can be uploaded sooner.

>>This would enable you to grow
>>into the virtual world to where you could switch between both and then
>>eventually disconnect all biological senses entirely and live inside this
>>virtual world.
>I think I'd like to live in both worlds.
You can live in both worlds using a biological drone body or a
nanite-composed drone body.

>>Is this better than cloning yourself inside a machine and
>>destroying the original biological copy and thus kill off 'you' your
>>self-aware being for some clone knowing everything you know living inside a
>>virtual world?
>Call me old-fashioned, but making an immortal copy of me doesn't appear
>to *me* as if it helps *me*. I'm not too keen on the idea of killing myself,
>even if I know that there's some other me that's ready to take up the
I myself agree, I was being sarcastic. I of course want to be me. I was
explaining how the only way to upload is though a gradual upload.

>What I like about the idea of progressive replacement of neurons
>is that to *me* it would feel as if nothing has changed - but I'd wind up
with a
>technological brain instead of this crummy old meat contraption. I wouldn't
>have to kill myself off to make a digital clone - I'd become digital myself.
Thats what I'm talking about but the organism would do the progressive
replacement of neurons.