Cover-up Pervasive

James Daugherty (
Thu, 26 Sep 1996 19:34:08 -0400 (EDT)

Good grief! Do you think TWA800 would be a big cover-up? Apparently, you
only have access to Establish news outlets!

Ever hear of the Whitewater Cover-up, the WACO cover-up, the Ruby Ridge
cover-up, the Ron Brown crash cover-up, the OKC Bomb cover-up,
Iran-Contra, CIA Drug Running at the Mena airport, etc. etc.? How about
the failed war on drugs? FDA oppression and cover-up of the value of
nutrients in life extention, etc? Or the failed war on poverty.

Is everyone but Ian Goddard asleep on this list? Or reading nothing but
science books?

If Extropians are for self-ownership I find it hard to fathom if only a
few are aware that "self-ownership" far from complete in this increasingly
Statist society.

On Thu, 26 Sep 1996, by way of David McFadzean <> wrote:

> Regarding the cover-up conspiracies of a Navy missile shooting down
> TWA 800. Is this relevant for the issue of government cover-ups? Or is
> there something extropian I'm missing. Being a Washingtonian, and
> knowing plenty of people in gov, I can tell you, they're just people. And
> the military is just people too, with a somewhat lower mean IQ than the
> other gov departments. The idea that people who work for the
> government *suddenly* have the ability and resources to cover-up the
> biggest secrets and fiascos is a fallacy of disempathy. Do you think the
> gov is smarter than people at the New York Times or CNN? Do you think
> all those involved in the investigation have the exact same ethical matrix?
> And another thing that is inherent--no one can keep a secret long.
> Because a big secret is major leverage in a town based on influence. It
> gets used for leverage over and over again, until it becomes tattered and
> exposed. And the current people are well aware that a cover-up is
> more disastrous to political collateral than exposing the truth. The big
> guys can always find a scapegoat to take the rap for a mess-up, but a
> real cover-up always leads to the top, they don't want that. Do you
> really think Clinton would take the risk of being involved in the biggest
> cover-up of the decade during an election year, when the truth exposed
> would just result in the sacking of some navy brass? Get logical here,
> please. Remember, the X-files is just television, filmed in Vancouver B.C.
> -TLR (a.k.a -- Senior Naval Public Relations Attache to the White House)

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