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Date: Wednesday, September 25, 1996 12:22PM

>>> = Kathryn Aegis
>> = E. Shaun Russell
> = Jeff Dee

>>>Cling to black and white facts, and cripple your ability
>>>to move beyond the edifice of whatever discipline
>>>forms your base of knowledge.

>>Cling to facts...but also cling to the things other than facts.
>>[snip] we can see more than facts.

>are you suggesting the universe includes 'untrue'
>or non-existent things?

The *universe* consists of all things that have existed across
space-time, some of which once existed but no longer do. What is the
status of these in the 'monochrome' view?

>we cannot see more than facts.
>At most, we can *imagine* (not 'see') non-existent things [snip]
>Imagination is a wonderfully useful tool, but [snip]
>It's nothing more than the ability to construct hypothetical models

And what else is our seeing or hearing, based as it is upon limited
spectrums with lots of 'noise' to be filtered and ghosts of past
patterns to be fitted or dumped?

I think Greg Burch's 9/25/96 comments Re: Are Conspiracies Stronger Than
Truth? are applicable to this thread as well:
"From my experience (1) perception and memory in such situations is
extremely unreliable, even in disinterested witnesses, (2) mutliple
witnesses can influence each other's perceptions and memories subtly but
very strongly, (3) strongly-held "memories" "mutate" significantly over
time [snip]"

Mark Crosby
"What has been always will be, and what will be always has been"
- Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., "Sirens of Titan"