Open Peer review on Internet

Robin Hanson (
Tue, 24 Sep 96 17:16:32 PDT

>Open Peer Review concept for internet publication.
>... Under the new open system, publication of
>the manuscript would always proceed. Competitors can still review the
>manuscript and make comments in the open format described below. ...
>(1) Scientific merit is not assessed prior to publication. Reviewer's
>comments are appended to the publication in a PEER REVIEW section. ...
>(5) Authors can respond to reviewer's comments by rebuttal or by appending
>new results to their publication.

The problem with this proposal is, what do you put on your vita so
readers of it can quickly assess the quality of the publication?
With an ordinary journal the journal itself signals quality.
Sure the vita reader could go read all the reviews, but they usually
won't have time to.

Robin D. Hanson