The prospect of immor(t)ality

Damien Broderick (
Sun, 22 Sep 1996 01:38:17 +1000

Suppose the Singularity (to be concise if imprecise) is reasonably expected
somewhere between 2030 and 2080, so that people alive now have some prospect
of hanging on grimly until rejuvenative longevity is available. Sure, you
can freeze your head, but it seems more provident to stay alive as long as
possible. What does effect would this prospect have on your willingness to
take risks? (This is, of course, an old sf crux.) In particular, what does
it do to behaviors governed by `honor'? Die for the flag, or push the other
guy forward?

This question has probably been threshed out before on this list; forgive me
if that's so.


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