Re: Are Conspiracies Stronger Than Truth?

Ian Goddard (
Thu, 19 Sep 1996 02:15:26 -0400

At 10:46 AM 9/18/96 -0600, Ira Brodsky wrote:
>Forwarded by Peter James:
>> TWA flight 800 was SHOT DOWN by a US NAVY AEGIS MISSILE
>This sounds like the recent "anti-gravity" experiments. <g>

IAN: Of course the missile theory sounds like "anti-gravity"
experiments, because, like anti-gravity, everybody knows that
missiles could never fly across the sky, much less hit a plane
-- why it's patently absurd.

It seems that over 100 crazy people had a spontaneous group
hallucination in New York on the night the plane went boom.
The Washington Times (07/24/96) reported about these crazies:

Several eyewitnesses, including an Air National
Guard pilot flying in the area when the explosion
occurred, have told the FBI they saw a bright,
flare-like object streaking toward the jumbo jet
seconds before it blew up. ABC News said yesterday
that the investigators had more then 100 eyewitness
accounts supporting the theory. ^^^

Can you imagine that, 100 crazy conspiratorial people attacking
the truth-meme, which is that missiles can't fly or hit planes.

What is more, there is a bad conspiratorial radar out there that
is also a dangerous threat to the truth-meme:

Associated Press 07/19/96

There were reports that radar detected a blip
merging with the jet shortly before the explosion,
something that could indicate a missile hit.

Thank the truth-meme that some secret pentagon officials stopped the
testimony of that conspiratorial radar -- the AP story continues:

But Pentagon officials, speaking on condition of
anonymity, said government analysts have studied
several radar reports of the area and the blip
was found to be a spurious signal.

I am glad we can rely on our secret govt agents to stand up for
truth when those bad "spurious" radars and witnesses get out of
hand and threaten the truth-meme.

>If true (I mean the missile story) it would be terrible news for
>extropians, because it would suggest that the truth is a very weak meme.

IAN: Wow, this sort of says it all: If the missile theory is true,
then the truth-meme is weak. So it's preordained that there can only
be one variety of truth even if it's false, and that truth must be
that the a missile could never have hit TWA flight 800.

I'd say this line of reasoning is a threat to the truth. The only
"truth meme" is logical thinking. The only truth is what is.

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