Re: Strange Matter as Planetary Warfare

Sarah Marr (
Wed, 18 Sep 1996 09:57:25 +0100

At 04:17 17/09/96 -0700, Chris Hind wrote:

>Something I read recently is that in Bombay, India they are attempting to
>create this form of matter [strange]. If the theory is correct then they
are >really
>stupid and should be considered an international threat. Thats like a lab
>full of scientists turning on the first atomic bomb in their lab to see if
>it works!

Didn't the Manhattan project adopt a similar attitude? I seem to remember
reading that they calculated the probability of the first nuclear explosion
causing a chain reaction which would destroy the entire atmosphere. The
result was non-negligible, but they went ahead anyway. (Of course, the story
I read could have found exaggeration through the ethics of its writer.)


Sarah Kathryn Marr