Re: Extropian Standpoint on Capital Punishment?
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<< If you haven't seen the Nolan
Chart, which makes progress by mapping views into two dimensions, I
recommend taking a look. I believe there's a link to it somewhere on Eric
Watt Forste's Extropians web site in one of the sections dealing with
I have not seen Nolan's chart. I will be looking it up. In the mean time: I
wonder how it compares to Tuccille's?

See the chart in Tuccille's book _It Usually Begins with Any Rand_ page 38.

My interpretation follows.

The chart has a compass face or clock-like face:

>From 10 o'clock to 2 is "Welfarism and the Mixed Economy": 11 o'clock is
Moderate liberalism, 12 is Center, 1 is Moderate conservatism.
((This is the part I interpret as Left (Democrat) and Right (Republican)- my
thoughts only)) In Tuccille's book this is only two eighths of the full

>From 8 o'clock to 4 is the area of Libertarianism: At 7 o'clock is
"Spontaneous Socialism" (Little on no governmental control over the
individual). Moving away from this area, from 7 to 6 o'clock is the
spectrum is called "Collectivist Anarchy". At 6 moving to 5 and finally 4
o'clock, is "Individualist Anarchy and Laissez-Faire Capitalism" (also with
little of no governmental control over he individual).

At 9 o'clock is "Communism" (total governmental ownership). This area starts
from 9 and moves (away from Communism) up to 10 o'clock labeled "Liberal
Left" and down the clock, 8 o'clock, to "Extreme Left".

Filling in the final part of the clock face. . .

At 3 is "Fascism" (total government control of personal property). You can
own property but you can't do what you want with it. (So, you _really_don't_
own property). This area starts at 3 and goes up the clock to 2
(Conservative right) and down to 4 (Extreme right).

Now I understand why some see me as being: "So Left, I'm Right. Communism at
9 and Fascism at 3. . . I am at 6 o'cock=Libertarian, not 12=Centrist.

I don't think I have to be labeled as being Extropian and therefore
Libertarian. I am Libertarian but this is my view only. Other Extropians are
not required to think like me. I see Extropianism as a logical integration
with Libertarianism for my personal philosophy.

The state sponsors capital punishment and imposes it on the individual. I am
against it. I don't think they can get the law right for such a "final
solution". In my opinion the term "Capital Punishment" should be changed
to: "The-ugly-poor-male's penalty for murder" and penalty for having an
unlucky/bad attorney.

As an Extropian, the idea of ending life, even for the "most deserving", is
disadvantageous for me. Innocent people have been convicted and killed.
With this law still active, it is a threat for me and my Extropian

Dynamically Optimistic,

September 11, 1996
9:15 am