Re: Darwinian Extropy

Chris Hind (
Sun, 08 Sep 1996 04:56:05 -0700

>Point being, that a hyperintelligent mind is likely to be less subject to
>mathematical behavior analysis than we are, not less. It's likely to be
>less "logical" in it's reasons, that the arbitrariness of humanity. It's
>certain to be more complex. A "social" group of such >H minds is likely
>to be unfathenable in its behavior--and perhaps very inefficient and
>illogical to outside analysis indeed.
Could this mean that the culture of mysticism and it's illogical behavior
could mean that people who believe in such are ahead of the rest of us??
People believing in mysticism tap into many more emotions than atheists
through "religious experiences". Is that where we're headed? Is religion a
natural part of culture and intelligence except now due to our ability to
control our fate, WE ARE BECOMING the gods through transhumanism?