Re: Extropian Standpoint on Capital Punishment?

Chris Hind (
Sat, 07 Sep 1996 10:58:55 -0700

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>> I'm not sure about you guys on this issue, but I wish to come out and say
>> right now that I am a strong supporter of capital punishment. So strong in
>> fact that I wish they'd make it a mega source of profit by pitting
>> psychotics against each other in an arena something akin to the movie
>> RunningMan. I believe that if someone kills another person which violates
>> that person's rights, the killer's rights should then be violated by being
>> put to death. Some of you may say now with this in mind that I'm a
>> libertarian with republican veins because I am also for people carrying
>> arms. [snip]
>I wouldn't necessarily say that, but what I *would* say is that if you
>are promoting the institutionalized adoption of a universal law like
>mandatory tit-for-tat then you are a centralist. (:-)
Well isn't libertarian centralist itself? I mean, we mix together both being
for unlimited personal freedom and capitalism as opposed to socialism. So to
be put bluntly, we are a bunch of strong-voiced centrists.