Re: The Joys Of Flesh
Fri, 6 Sep 1996 22:23:42 -0400

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I agree with Eugene. If the >H are nice enough to let us live, it will
probably be in VR. They won't want us using up a lot of resources in the
"real" world and they would probably be a bit squeamish about letting us
around at that level of reality, like letting a monkey run around in an
operating room. They'll probably want a firewall to protect themselves from
our stupidity.

That is very clever! If we are bad they won't let us live, but they
might let us virtually live ... hmmm, that raises some interesting
anthropological questions, don't you think? Would we be "prisoners?" Maybe
if we were REALLY good VR models, they might let us go back into RR - it
reminds me of the show The Prisoner - every time he tried to leave the