Evolution and "I"

Robin Hanson (hanson@dosh.hum.caltech.edu)
Thu, 5 Sep 96 14:48:53 PDT

John K Clark writes:
>In an open universe you only have a finite amount of energy to work with,
>so you'll want to slow things way down, but other problems that Landauer did
>not consider will force you to slow things even more, and use more energy
>too. The components of your brain keep getting more distant so that's going
>to keep slowing things way down. Also, in order to establish reliable
>communication it's going to take more and more photons of light to send one
>bit of information. It won't be easy for one part of a brain to hit it's
>target a billion trillion light years away, not much chance if you only send
>one photon.

Dyson's derivation was assuming you kept exactly the same hardware,
and just ran it slower and slower and lower and lower temps. No need
to spread out the hardware over trillions of light years (assuming
protons are stable).

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