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>Something read in the Journal-American (the (pitiful) newspaper of
>Bellevue/Redmond, WA)...
>Tiny Helicopter Takes to Air
>Making its maiden flight yesterday at Mainz, Germany, an inch-long German
>helicopter hovered to an altitude of 5.2 inches before landing safely among a
>crowd of pleased scientists. Researchers at the Institute for
>Microtechnology hope their micro-motor will have applications in medicine,
>computers and toys. Propelled by two blades that rotate more than 100,000
>times a minute, the chopped-off chopper is about the size of a toothbrush
>head, weight one hundredth of an ounce and is one-third of an inch tall. It
>cost $68,000.
>It is even true of certain ideas, as of certain predatory species, that
>they can subsist only as long as the species of idea on which they prey
>subsists in sufficient number.
> - Bertrand De Jouvenel, _The Art of Conjecture_
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