Re: evolution and "I"

Stephen de Vries (
Tue, 3 Sep 1996 09:44:29 GMT2

On Mon, 2 Sep Ira Brodsky wrote:

> OK, I like the idea of immortality (except for Dr. Kevorkian, please). But
> as I understand it, the Big Bang (if true) means either that the universe
> will continue expanding until thermal density (?) goes to zero, or it will
> recollapse.

Or if it is infinite in at least 2 dimensions, it will continue
expanding and growing without a heat death.

> My question: do extropians necessarily believe the universe will reach a
> steady-state? Or is the end so far off it can be ignored? Or, as I would
> like to believe, will we conquer this universe and just move on to the next
> one?

This same question has been bugging me. I like the multi-worlds
model of the universe, the question this poses is whether there are
an infinite number of ways to survive through time, or is there one
optimal survival path which we dare not deviate from ?
My preferances for universes is a binary one:
Life = good
Death(Entropy) = bad

Stephen de Vries

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