Chris Hind (
Mon, 02 Sep 1996 00:38:39 -0700

>The problem with copyright law in cyberspace is that it is a losing
>proposition. It's only going to get easier for people (and machines) to
>copy and distribute information in an anonymous, untraceable manner.

>is why the only people who believe in the Clipper Chip are gov't policy
>wonks who still believe in a command economy, and why e-cash will force the
>IRS to become the largest consumer of assault weapons.
Shit! Scary stuff. And we wonder why there are militias?

>My solution is to disallow copyright laws in cyberspace, but maintain them
>in realspace.
I agree with this also. We could use cryptolopes (a file with public-key
encryption which u need the randomly generated pass to open) to allow the
selling of software over the net and have the codes to use the software
encrypted into windows 95 registry upon installation but not shown to the
user. I say all info should be free in cyberspace except stuff like webzines
and news which are continually updated and brand new software which you can
make a profit off of because it is difficult to obtain right off and another
source of profit for the programmer would be private industry due to all the