Ira Brodsky (
Mon, 2 Sep 1996 12:14:44 -0600

>Should we abolish the copyright law? If we say no it is against the anarchy
>we believe in. The copyright law is mucho dificil (very difficult) to
>enforce since it is broken millions of times a day quickly and easily. So
>are we going to side with Wired magazine believing all information is free
>or or we going to side with the scientologists who wish to strictly enforce
>the copyright law even though it is unlikely maybe even impossible.

The problem with copyright law in cyberspace is that it is a losing
proposition. It's only going to get easier for people (and machines) to
copy and distribute information in an anonymous, untraceable manner. This
is why the only people who believe in the Clipper Chip are gov't policy
wonks who still believe in a command economy, and why e-cash will force the
IRS to become the largest consumer of assault weapons.

My solution is to disallow copyright laws in cyberspace, but maintain them
in realspace.

Ira Brodsky
Datacomm Research Company
Wilmette, Illinois