Re: A Race of humanoid drones for labor.

Stephen de Vries (
Fri, 30 Aug 1996 12:30:27 GMT2

On Thu, 29 Aug Chris Hind wrote:

> Here is a likely contravercial matter. With the coming decade of genetics we
> will then have the ability to utilize our DNA and manipulate it to create a
> race of humanoid drones which we could use for labor but there would be
> little to no grey matter in the skull cavity, they would be strictly drones.
> This then brings up the two contravercial topics of whether we should toy
> with DNA. I say yes, we should. And the other contravercy deals with
> slavery. Now, it would look bad today if this race was considered enslaved
> rather than created. The brain defines human but most people don't recognize
> that fact because they still live their lives shrouded in mysticism and
> irrationality thinking this humanoid drone has a metaphysical soul. So
> should we create a race of humanoid drones for labor? It would be easy
> enough and practical.

I agree that it would be beneficial to have brain power aligned with
activity (it tends to naturally do so). I`ve always admired the
social structure of ants and termites: no real central authority, and
each member of the work force physically/mentally tailored to it`s
function. There is no reason why drones won`t be happy doing doing
there work. I`m quite happy studying computer science, and don`t
feel bad or any less happy that I`m not studying quantum physics.

Slavery - Forcing someone to do work that`s below their potential.

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