>H Individual Freedom

Natasha V. More (flexeon@primenet.com)
Thu, 29 Aug 1996 22:22:39 -0700 (MST)

After looking over suggestions and comments, as well as my intent by
"Unlimited Individual Freedom", I have come to the following conclusions
(while chasing my own tail out of the loop :-) about IF:

No adjective is needed in prefacing individual freedom to establish the
point. Individual freedom states cogently what I am after by the mere use
of the words "individual" and "freedom." I could say autonomous freedom,
but individual sounds better.

Placing an adjective in front of the Individual Freedom can be superfluous:

"Unlimited" - a search for obtaining open-ended IF. This was a broad reach
for something greater, better, never-ending. It sounded far-reaching, but
actually it was excessive.
"Maximum" - a search for obtaining the most IF. This was another choice
while looking for the ultimate, best and, again, greatest freedom I could
obtain. In that freedom is without restriction and restraints, maximum, is
over-kill by what is stated by the very word "freedom."
"Dynamic" - (great sound!, but again, for me, not necessary for same reasons.)

What I have been searching for in defining unlimited individual freedom,
and why it has taken me so long to accomplish this is that I have not, up
until now, realized that trying to make IF more individual or more free is

My strategy is to further develop cognitive abilities to utilize IF to the
fullest. Not develop the idea IF to the fullest. This way, I am placing
emphasis on the complexities and motivations of my individual pursuits.
This combines a lot of psychological implementations in behavior while
developing optimally my Transhuman aims. (Limitless thinking - maximum
commitment - dynamically optimistic)

UIF: "The search for obtaining a never-ending freedom by expressing an
open-ended individuality." It was simply a search.

Natasha Vita More
(f/k/a Nancie Clark)
Transhuman Art Center
"The best defense is an artful offense."