Re: Lets Move HotWired Thread to alt.extropians

Chris Hind (
Thu, 29 Aug 1996 05:47:18 -0700

>> >> What is all this?!?! You're argueing the definition of success? My
>> >> definition of success is the gradual dying off of all other memes and the
>> >> extropian meme replacing them via rational thought and logic - not force.
>> >> This IS how success is measured in evolution isn't it?
>> >>-- End of quoted excerpt from Chris Hind
>> >
>> >You talk of "annihilation". How _else_ to take your words?
>> It's called dramatic journalism and the media does it quite frequently. It's
>> used to stir emotions and motivation.
>Some of us call that "demogogery".

Yeah, but it's so FUN. Until real life gets more interesting.