Russell Whitaker (
Wed, 28 Aug 1996 16:45:59 -0700

On Aug 28, 3:32am, Chris Hind wrote this (quoted with ">"):
> >You need to learn to use the anonymizer with a bit more
> >skill.
> Personally I don't care. Why is it bad form? It only REALLY matters when I
> post to other more contravercial newsgroups. Also I'm not sure by what you
> mean about a bit more skill?

If you're going to use an anonymizer, tell no one. Otherwise,
you're not _at all_ anonymous. Note that alt.extropians is
indexed by Alta Vista and DejaNews, and the Extropians list
is indexed by Alta Vista and a number of other engines.

If alt.extropians is not "controversial", then why did you
post under a pseudonym there, but not here? This list is now
almost as wide-open to the world as alt.extropians.

"Here the ways of men part:  if you wish to strive for peace of
 soul and pleasure, then believe; if you wish to be a devotee
 to truth, then inquire..."  - Nietzsche

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