>H The Great Filter

Robin Hanson (hanson@dosh.hum.caltech.edu)
Sun, 25 Aug 96 10:59:40 PDT

John K Clark writes:
>My statement that the early earth must of been hot was based on the
>following. The Earth was formed by a very large cloud of particles,
>this cloud must have possessed a lot of potential gravitational
>energy. When the Earth coalesced this potential energy was gone and
>was replaced by heat energy, a LOT of heat energy, enough that if

This doesn't keep it warm very long. Remember the debate between
Kelvin n other physicists vs. bilogists on the age of the Earth?

>Looking through my home library I can find 3 books to support my 1.2 to 1.4
>bya claim for the first Eukaryotic cells, "Life Itself" by Francis Crick,

A nice book, but pretty out of date. My source is '95.

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