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On Aug 23, 4:05pm, Eric Watt Forste wrote this (quoted with ">"):
> Subject: FAQ: updates requested
> The Extropians FAQ, which I've been the de facto maintainer of, is available
> The BrainTenis debate on HotWired has made me aware that things have
> developed to to the point where the FAQ is rather seriously out-of-date on
> a number of points. Since my immediate priority is to work on the ExI
> website (which I haven't started yet) and since Internet FAQs have a
> tradition of organic growth through the contributions of interested
> parties, I'd like to invite all list members (especially the new ones!) to
> review the FAQ, and post here any suggested revisions or changes. If you
> notice any serious mistakes, inaccuracies, or rhetorical blunders, please
> bring them to my attention.
> All I'm willing to volunteer to do at this time is to take those
> suggestions to which no major objections are raised (including my own
> objections :-) and add them, wholesale, to the existing text. I'll
> incorporate URLs (or mailto links, if no URL is available) of the author
> along with credits.


You may desire to mention in the 'nanotechnology' section that
Drexler's book is available in its entirety on the web (Engines):

(re: )

I see you don't have an RKBA.html ("Right to Keep and Bear Arms").
Would you like me to write one?


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