Re: Lets Move HotWired Thread to alt.extropians

Russell Whitaker (
Thu, 22 Aug 1996 16:23:25 -0700

On Aug 22, 2:00pm, Max More wrote this (quoted with ">"):
> Subject: Re: Lets Move HotWired Thread to alt.extropians
> At 12:23 AM 8/22/96 -0700, Chris Hind wrote:
> >Now that we can see that discussion of extropian principles works in a
> >public forum why not move the action to alt.extropians? It appears that they
> >shut down the thread on hotwired.
> Chris: As I noted in my earlier message, HotWired has *not* shut down the
> thread. They just stopped posting to that collection since it was getting
> too long. It's continued in part 2. Just go to TOPICS and you'll find it at
> the top.
> Max
>-- End of quoted excerpt from Max More

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