Re: The Extropian Principles

Sunah Cherwin (
Tue, 20 Aug 1996 21:58:46 -0800

>dropping self-transformation from the mnemonic set, but I'd hate to abandon
>the idea entirely.

I find four Principles to be a much less attractive number than five. I
don't think you could do it in three, and that number might be TOO stable
to be a symbol for ExI. A symbol like the current logo but with four arrows
would be rigid-looking as well as swastika-like. Four bad. Five good.
>I like "unlimited progress"... it's frank and to the point, >
>"Boundless enhancement" is okay, but I prefer the phrases

I'm afraid I don't like these negated terms either. I didn't mention it
before because no positive construction sprang to mind. This 'un' and
'less' and 'in' stuff looks kind of childishly rebellious to me. I know
it's harder to think of this stuff then to tear it down, but if you are
going to redo the Principles so dramatically, I'm sure you're intending
that they be better than they already are (I think they are good now, btw).