Re: FITNESS/MEDIA: Max's Aug 96 "Muscle & Fitness" article

Max More (
Tue, 20 Aug 1996 14:48:15 -0700 (MST)

At 07:52 PM 8/16/96, Derek Ryan wrote:
>[snip] But I was overjoyed to see the cryonics bracelet sneak into
>the *editorial* page of the magazine. How about it Max? Are you
>being as clever as I suspect here? Secretly preparing the rest of
>the world for the future, even at the level of sneaking symbols of
>immortality into the subconsciouses of unsuspecting readers?

Since I wear my cryonics bracelet with pride, and it's part of the way I
live, it will tend to show up in photos and on TV. I doubt readers of Muscle
and Fitness will have a clue that it's a cryonics bracelet. I sent then that
picture because I thought it appropriate. The cryonics bracelet showing is a
nice touch and a natural result of my being open about being a head-freezer,
but I can't say I set out to deliberately create a photo with the bracelet
showing for that purpose.

I've noticed that some cryonicists hide their bracelets or necklaces, or
cover them up in certain company. I find that understandable in certain
situations, although I've never felt that need. In general it's good to let
it all hang out, since it can spark questions that allow you to get people
thinking. No one's ever punched me or screamed at me for explaining the
bracelet, so I don't think it's too dangerous. :-)