PARTY: You can't have too many: @ Sandy's

Max More (
Mon, 19 Aug 1996 01:53:24 -0700 (MST)

Sandy Sandfort asked me to post this to the Extropians list. It's my pleasure...


> I'M NOT 50 YET!
> The Pleasure of Your Company is
> Cordially Requested at the:
> Second Occasional
> Anarcho-Dilettante
> Pick-Your-Own-Damned-Theme
> Masquerade Ball
> And Hallowe'en Rehearsal
> 7:00 PM
> September 1996
> 650 Kenwyn Road (at McKinley)
> Oakland, CA
> Lots of stuff happened on September 13th.
> We're not going to tell you which one
> to commemorate. That's up to you.
> Check out the birthdays and historical
> events listed below. Pick one or go
> with something else. Your choice.
> But no matter what theme you pick, it's
> still a masquerade ball, so you MUST
> wear a costume (or at least a mask).
> At 8:00pm there will be a Dance Recital
> featuring Rainbeau, Gracie, Tish,
> Blythe, Michelle and special guests.
> You DO NOT want to miss this.
> (Please, adults only. We regret that our
> house is very unsuitable for children.)
> Around Midnight, there will be a drawing
> for valuable and/or unique Door Prizes.
> (You must be present to win.)
> I'm poorer this time around, so don't expect
> a complete buffet as with past parties.
> There will be some snacks and soft drinks, but
> you are encouraged to bring things to share.
> As always, BYOB
> Whether or not you plan to attend,
> we need to hear from you. Please
> give one of your hosts a call so we can
> plan on your presence OR your absence.
> Invited guests may bring other persons
> with prior approval of the hosts. This
> means if there are people you would like
> to bring, call a host to get permission
> for each of those people.
> Head Anarchist in Charge, Sandy Sandfort
> 510-839-3441/
> House Hosts with the Most, Gracie & Zarkov
> 510-832-2044/
> Communications Officer, Sameer Parekh
> 510-547-3617/
>1755--Oliver Evans, pioneered high-pressure steam engine.
>1766--Samuel Wilson ("Uncle Sam").
>1851--Walter Reed, US Army physician (yellow fever work).
>1857--Milton Hershey, candy maker.
>1860--General John J. "Black Jack" Pershing, hero of WW I.
>1876--Sherwood Anderson, US author ("Winesburg Ohio").
>1894--J.B. Priestley, English critic, playwright, and
> novelist ("Lost Empires").
>1905--Claudette Colbert (Claudette Chauchoin), actress.
>1910--Chu Berry, saxophonist.
>1916--Ronald Dahl, author ("Charlie and the Chocolate
> Factory").
>1925--Mel Torme, singer.
>1928--Ernest L. Boyer, educator.
>1928--Robert Indiana, artist.
>1937--Fred Silverman, TV producer.
>1938--Judith Martin, "Miss Manners", author, journalist.
>1939--Larry Speakes, former White House spokesman.
>1944--Jacqueline Bisset, actress ("Rich and Famous").
>1944--Peter Cetera, singer and songwriter.
>1948--Nell Carter, actress.
>1962--Cypherpunk, "Lucky Green."
>On this day...
> 122--Building of Hadrian's Wall began.
>1592--Michel de Montaigne, French essayist, died.
>1759--British defeated French at Abraham near Quebec City.
>1759--James Wolfe, British General, died.
>1788--Congress authorized the 1st US national election.
>1788--New York City selected as location for US government.
>1789--US received its first loan.
>1803--Commodore John Barry, First American commodore who
> fought in the Revolutionary War, died.
>1814--Battle over Ft. McHenry which inspired "The Star
> Spangled Banner."
>1826--Rhinoceros 1st seen in NYC.
>1899--1st automobile fatality.
>1943--Chiang Kai-Shek became president of China.
>1946--Ted Williams hit his only inside-the-park homer.
>1946--Host Sandy Sandfort was -6 days old.
>1950--70,000 UN troops landed at Inchon harbor (Korea).
>1971--Attica State Prison stormed.
>1983--Menachem Begin resigned as Israeli Prime Minister.
>1988--Hurricane Gilbert hit the Caribbean.
> Another version of this invitation
> and a street map can be found at:
>P.S. We love you so much, we want to make sure you do not
>miss any of our party. Therefore, you will be fined a
>Sprint fee (10 cents a minute, "one minute, two minutes...)
>for each minute you arrives after 8:00pm. The party starts
>at 7:00, so you get an hour for free. The late fee money
>will be used to defray costs. (We're not kidding. At the
>last party, more than $100 was collected.)