Re: Face on Mars Sneezes, Deposits Bacteria on Earth

Hara Ra (
Wed, 14 Aug 1996 12:40:10 -0700

Andray Dunnan:
>I can't believe how "tabloid" science reporting has gotten regarding the
>alleged "Martian" bacteria supposedly found in a meteorite recovered in
>First of all, how do the scientists know this rock came from Mars? We
>haven't physically retrieved rocks from Mars yet, so on what basis can they
>make this assertion?
When a meterorite hits the Earth, Mars, or the Moon, the ejecta sometimes
hits the Earth. These fragments are called tektites. The minerals in
tektites have different isotopic compositions which identify their origin.

>Secondly, how do they know that the alleged fossil microbes in the rock came
>from Mars, and not from some terrestrial contamination long ago?
My first question exactly. I guess I'll have to wait for my copy of Science
News to arrive... (did that masthead say "printed on Mars" ?? ;) )

>Ah well. If any of these Alien Fraud-topsy photos turn out to be genuine
>(see the new ones in the Sept. issue of _Penthouse_), I'll at least be
>assured that I can kill these beasties if they try to bother me.
Oh, the horror! Killing the ancestors of my E Coli!!!!

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