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X - R A Y V I S I O N

by Ian Williams Goddard

Joyce Price of The Washington Times (A1, 8/13/96) reports that
the government will soon have a new weapon in its war on liberty
-- a camera that can see through clothes to reveal all the
private goodies concealed therein.

Someday soon there will be no place to run, no place to hide,
no place outside the all-seeing eye of the State. It's going
to be so safe and wonderful then -- NOT !

Ms. Price writes in the Times:

"A new weapon against terrorism works like
Superman's eyes: It looks right through you.
The high-tech camera, know as the passive
millimeter wave imager, boasts the equivalent
of X-ray vision, which allows it to penetrate
clothing to 'see' a concealed weapon, plastic
explosives, or drugs."

The "Millivison" camera is not an X-ray machine. An X-ray
machine creates an X-ray image by sending X-rays through a
person's body. This device on the other hand is passive, it
merely receives and reads the natural radiations from your
body; radiations that are in "a different part of the
spectrum" than X-rays.

Sufficiently solid items, such as a gun, a bag of crack or
candy, block these radiations revealing the silhouetted shape
of that item to the camera's, and in turn to the govt's, eye.

The 'National Institute of Justice' funded the research and
development of this new tool for tyranny under the pretext
of stopping terrorism. The new wave of terrorism that has
hit the U.S. is doing wonders for the growth of govt power,
just as the Reichstag fire did wonders for the Nazis.

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The ACLU, NRA, and the National Association of Criminal
Defense Lawyers are not happy about the new device. Jack
King, spokesperson for the NACDL, said Millivision "seems
to be highly intrusive and a violation of the Fourth
Amendment, which guarantees the right to be secure
against unreasonable search and seizure."

While the NRA approves of the device for use at airports and
for tracking down illegal drug activity ( statist air-brains ),
they point out that 31 states have laws that protect the right
to carry concealed weapons. In other words, it's OK to kill the
Fourth Amendment if it stops nonviolent voluntary drug activity
-- in other words, kiss your freedoms goodbye.

The Times article also states that:

"A Los Angeles Times poll last week found that
58 percent of Americans would be willing to lose
some civil liberties to help thwart terrorism."

As it has been said "Those who are willing to give up freedom
for security will soon have neither." Yet people are trained in
public schools that the government -- i.e., that the 'legal' use
of violent force -- is a cuddly and warm teddy-bear that makes
everything wonderful and should be embraced whenever a problem
appears to arise. It follows therefore that it is safe to
surrender liberty to the govt. And indeed govt is going
to keep us secure, very very secure -- HELP! let me go.

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