RE: Society of the Mind - by Eric L. Harry

Crosby_M (
Tue, 13 Aug 96 13:15:00 EDT

On Friday, August 09, 1996 6:35AM David Musick wrote:

"I just read a great book, with a lot of Extropian thought in it. Society
of the Mind, by Eric L. Harry ... It's kind of wierd... I was at the
library, not even intending to borrow any fiction books, and as I rode up
the escalator, I glanced at the large display of new fiction books, and I
immediately saw the book (from about twenty meters away) and had a strong
urge to check it out ... I don't even have the metaphysical framework to
understand how these things happen."

I think the simple explanation for your experience, at least with this
particular book, is that your subconscious pattern-matching routines noticed
the title's similarity to Minsky's "Society of Mind" (unless somehow you've
never happened to have heard of Minsky's book!), identified a distinction,
and sent an interrupt to your conscious mind which was ignored until your
higher priority chores had been completed. Then, this "urge" on your
"stack" popped up, seemingly out of nowhere. These type of dangling threads
in our stream of consciousness happen all the time, we just rarely pay any
attention to them.

Mark Crosby