Old Extropians Archives

Robin Hanson (hanson@dosh.hum.caltech.edu)
Thu, 8 Aug 96 09:56:53 PDT

Hal writes:
>Today I was reading some of the very old posts. Max suggested here
>recently that we could repost some of those old messages, and I think I
>may do so tomorrow (don't have my archives available now).

I'd like to suggest that there are economies of scale to collecting
an old message archive and the permission to publish messages. So
some one person should volunteer as the central contact, and then we
can all email him/her our private archives, together with our
permssion to make them available. With this all collected together, a
program can be run over the collection deleting contributions (and
quotes) from peple who haven't given permission.

I have many megs of private archives, and don't think you all want me
to post it all here.

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