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>Subject: New Website: bibliography on self and personal identity
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>In the wake of several postings pertaining to the issue of the experience
>of self, it seems an opportune time to announce a new website dedicated to
>a developing bibliography and list of resources concerning the concepts of
>Person and Self, including topics pertaining to self-consciousness and
>personal identity.
>At this point most of the structure is in place, with the rest to follow
>shortly, according to the following plan (those parts marked with * are
>already on-line).
>I. Concepts of Self, Person, and Personal Identity
> *a. Alphabetical Bibliography
> b. Thematic Bibliographies
> *(1) Philosophy of Mind, Cognitive Psychology, and
>Cognitive Science
> (2) Developmental Theories
> *(3) Embodiment, Self, and Personal Identity
> *(4) Social Construction Theories
> (5) Narrative Theories
> (6) Feminist Theories and Gender Studies
> *(7) Historical (Locke, Hume, etc.)
> *(8) Ethics, Politics, Law
>*II. Medical Issues and the Person
>*III. Personalism
>I am building hypertext links into the bibliography wherever I can find
>them. Of course, in principle, the bibliography is incomplete--it will be
>updated as often as I can manage, and my intention is to add items that I
>have missed up to this point.
>The website can be found at http://www.canisius.edu/~gallaghr/pi.html
>Suggestions, corrections, additions, etc. welcome.
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