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>To a certain extent, the "problem" arises from a misunderstanding of the=
>of compassion in the extropian world-view. As I've written on the >H list,
>there is *nothing* in the extropian philosophy that is inconsistent with
>compassion. My vision of my own self-transformation does not include
>"leaving compassion behind" by any means; far from it. I would hope my
>capacity for pathos would be magnified along with every other capcity of=

The role of compassion and benevolence deserves far more emphasis and
discussion. I recently read David Kelley's Unrugged Individualism: The
Selfish Basis of Benevolence". Kelley, of the Institute for Objectivist
Studies, is one of the more open Objectivists. I found this booklet to be
one of the most sensible, practical, and rational discussions of ethics I've
read. (And I've read a lot!)

This booklet will probably be reviewed for Extropy #18 (the one after the
issue currently in production). Kelley argues that benevolence should be
regarded as a major virtue, and shows the rationality (based on a
self-interested pursuit of life and flourishing) of civility, generosity,
and sensitivity.

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