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J.R. Molloy wrote:
In addition, don't forget that the US government sponsors anti-male legislation -- a statement that most Americans will vehemently deny, just as most Germans would have once denied persecuting Jews. But if you want proof, consider the VAWA (Violence Against Women Act) which ignores violence against men,
(end of reproduction)

I found the references to various studies regarding male and female violence patterns and rates very interesting. I did not realize to what extent there is female on male violence. Where this is done outside of self-defense there is no excuse for it but a key thing here is(at least where a weapon is not used) that men tend to be substantially larger and stronger then there partners and so are in a position of power where they can do much more psychological (intimidation) and physical harm.

I took a class last year called "Men and Masculinity" taught by a male professor I admired and interestingly enough was one of only three guys in the class, with the rest largely being middle-aged females. We learned to deconstruct traditional male and female gender roles into a new paradigm of instrumental and expressive behavior. I admit I had some trouble with that.

We studied the various men's movements and it's spokesman like Robert Bly who wrote "Iron John." We learned how some believe that the males in our society have not just privilage but also great burden in the form of what they feel society expects of them and how this can even lead to an early grave.

I am glad I took the class but found no ready answers. I felt my understanding of society and gender had been expanded though. I found it very cathartic to write my term paper on the effects of an absentee father on a son. I then sent a copy of my A paper to the father I have only been in touch with now for two years who disappeared from my scene when I was a baby. He was not too thrilled by it but didn't want to talk about it either. lol

The people of the U.S. and the entire planet still have a long way to go but things have improved a great deal still in some areas and places. I look forward to the time when both men and women can truely have all their options open to them and ignorance, violence and poverty does not stand in the way.


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